Human Electricity | Top 7 Methods to Extract Energy from Human Body

In the modern world due to increased population and overconsumption of natural resources, there is a huge energy crisis throughout the world. We can reduce this power consumption by 1% i.e., approximately equal to 404,430 million kWh of electricity consumed worldwide. Which is the power used for powering consumer electronics (mobile phones, simple devices like smartwatches, body monitors). By producing our own renewable energy to power them up we can decrease this crisis i.e., Human electricity. Yes! (Our own energy) renewable energy produced by our own body. This energy can also be used in medical electronics (to decrease the operations used to change batteries of particular implants like pacemakers once every 8-10 years) as we are producing our own renewable energy to power them up.

According to the First Law of Thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed it can change from one form to another. In this case, we use our body as the power generating source. The human body is a Miracle, without our permission, there is some physiological process going on in our body, these processes can be used to produce energy. Processes like breathing, urinating, sweating, movement of our body parts, Heartbeat, etc. Literally, we can convert every process of our body into electricity. This Human electricity can also be used to power the implants and sensors. Let us see each of those processes that can be used to produce Human electricity briefly


Top 7 methods to extract energy from the Human body (Human Electricity).

Energy From Blood flow (circulation)

Blood flow is the movement of blood through the vessels from arteries to the capillaries and then into the veins. This can be converted into Human electricity in the same way we use water to produce electricity but on a milli-scale.

Device harvesting energy from blood flow

Energy From Body Heat.

Metabolism the process of conversion of food into energy, this energy is used by the body to perform activities like pumping our heart and moving muscles, but a lot of this is wasted primarily as Heat. This could be captured and turned into Human electricity.

Device harvesting energy from body heat


Energy From Sweat (perspiration).

Sweat is a clear, salty liquid produced by our glands in our skin. Sweating is the process of how the body cools itself. We can produce Human electricity via chemical reactions between enzymes and fuel molecules that are in the sweat.

Device harvesting energy from sweat of human

Energy From Breathing (Respiration).

Breathing is the process of moving air into and out of the lungs to facilitate gas exchange. While we breathe in and out. There is a flow of air by force in and out of our body this can be used to convert into Human electricity (just like the windmill to power turbine).

Device harvesting energy from breathing

Energy From Heart.

The heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body. Since it has two faces systole when our heart muscles contract and diastole when our heart muscles relax. These movements can be used to produce Human electricity.  

Device harvesting energy from heart

Energy from Movement of limbs.

When we walk, run or do some work our muscles start stretching and bending. This can be used to produce Human electricity.

Device harvesting energy from movement of limbs

Think about this happening in a gym where lots of people work. we could produce a lot more energy there. alert-info

Energy From Ear and Eyes.

The ears, eyes of mammals send signals produced due to vibration of the eardrum, retinal signals as some tiny electric voltages about one-tenth of a volt. These signals can be extracted to produce Human electricity.

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