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Flying cars which I discussed here are about the vehicles in which we can move like a car on land and fly like an aircraft when we are airborne. Flying cars just started to rise in the market. There are many prototypes and conceptual designs in existence Out of them these are the top 4 Flying cars.

Flying Car


Comparison of Top 4 Flying cars.

Specs PAL-V liberty Aeromobil 4.0 Terrafugia Transition Maverick Flying Car
Capacity 2 Persons 2 Persons 2 Persons 1 Person
Engine Dual Engine Rotax 912 Rotax 912is Subaru Engine
Engine Power 100 Hp and 200 Hp 300 BHp 100 Hp 100 Hp
Max Takeoff Weight 910 Kg ---------- 649 Kg ----------
Max Speed (Driving Mode) 160 Km/h 160 Km/h 160 Km/h 160 Km/h
Max Range (Driving mode) 1315 Km 520 Km 1296 Km ----------
Max Speed (Flying Mode) 180 Km/h 260 Km/h 172 Km/h 64 Km/h
Max Range (Flying Mode) 400-500 Km 520-740 Km 787 Km ----------
Take Off Land 600 Foot 1300-980 Foot 1400 Foot 300 Foot
Rate Of Climb ---------- 1200 FPM ---------- 600-1200 FPM
Price 390,000 $ 1,600,000 $ 279,000 $ 230,000 $

Top 4 Flying cars available in the market

Aeromobil 4.0

Aeromobil is a high-end vehicle making the dream of the flying car come to reality. This model was inspired by the horse Pegasus which is present in mythical stories.

Just like the Pegasus, it can be on land or on-air transforming from car to aircraft in just under 3 minutes.

It is going to be released into markets from early 2023 this car model took ten years of research to come into the manufacturing stage.

Aeromobil has an integral fiber structure along with the occupant cell and is also equipped with autopilot technology and a ballistic recovery parachute system for the entire vehicle for increasing the safety standards of the vehicle. It has an aerospace certification CS 23.

Aeromobil 4.0 Driving Mode

Key Features:

It is equipped with a turbocharged internal combustion engine having 300 bhp (brake horsepower.It has an operating range of upto 520 km on the driving mode, with a single passenger upto 740 km, with dual passenger upto 520km. You can drive it at a top speed of 160km/h and fly it at a cruise speed of 260km/h.To buy it you should have pretty deep pockets because it costs you around 1.6 million dollars.

Aeromobil 4.0 Flying Mode

PAL-V Liberty

PAL-V Liberty is a flying car designed by a Netherland-based carmaking company PAL-V (Personal Air-Land Vehicle).

It combines the car with a gyroplane you need both a driving license and autogyro pilot license to run this vehicle.

It is a solid combination of safety and usability. It is designed to please the most demanding customers.

It is inspired by nature and engineered to perfection by Dutch and designed elegantly by the Italians. It has world-class safety and systems fitted into it.

PAL-V Liberty Driving Mode

Key Features:

It is fitted with a dual-engine having fitted with a 100hp (horsepower) engine for driving and an engine with 200 hp (horsepower) for flying. It has a maximum operating range of 1315 km in driving mode and a max flying range of 500 km. However, this max flying range decreases by 100 km if there are two passengers. Talking about speed it has a max driving speed of 160km/h and a max flying speed of 180 km/h.

It has two editions first one being the liberty sport which would cost you around 390000 dollars and the premium limited version model named as “liberty pioneer version” would cost you around 590000 dollars. Only 90 Liberty pioneer version cars will be manufactured so if you have enough money buy them become one of the top 90.

PAL-V Liberty Flying Mode


Terrafugia Transition

The Transition is the world’s first practical flying car. It is a two-seater and roadable light-sport aircraft.

The Transition features wings that fold and unfold, converting between flight and drive modes in under a minute.

It is the only aircraft having safety features from both automobiles and aircraft. It is equipped with an airframe parachute, crumple zones, advanced avionics, and rearview cameras.

It also has airbags and the cabin is engineered to be structurally rigid.

Terrafugia Transition Driving Mode

Key Features:

It is equipped with Rotax 912iS 4 cylinder fuel injected turbo engine giving 100 hp. It has a range of 1296 km in driving mode and a range of 787 km in flying mode. It can travel at a max speed of 172km/h in air and 160 km/h on land. This car would cost you some were around 279,000 dollars.

Terrafugia Transition Flying Mode

Maverick Flying Car

The Maverick flying car was designed in such a way that it can be flown by someone without a long-term background in aviation.

The vehicle would be mainly driven but it is just provided with the capability to fly short distances over obstacles such as a washed-out road, a failed bridge, or traffic when roads are not available. 

This model car is very suitable for remote areas where are is no other alternative.

Coming to details it is an off-road vehicle combined with a certified parachute to make it a powered parachute glider.

Maverick Flying car in Drive Mode

Key Features:

It is equipped with a 2.5-liter Subaru engine. It can be driven at a max speed of 160 km/h on land and at a max speed of 64km/h on air. This car could cost you 230000 dollars.

Maverick Flying car in Flying Mode

The ways in which these flying cars will change the driving experience.

For now, it is a futuristic idea. But thinking of that, it would be amazing if everyone had a flying car instead of a normal car. Flying cars would be a huge breakthrough in the area of transportation their usage and experience would be entirely different from that of a normal land-driven car in many ways.


Think about the sceneries that we can experience, all those fields, skyscrapers, and the people down. They would be so small from up there. We can see every detail from the bird’s eye view. We can enjoy the scenery of everything everywhere be it a village or city. But to enjoy the scenery in a normal car we have to go either to a hill station or we should travel abroad both are not feasible.

view from flying car


Speaking of the route while on road we have to move along the road with its curves, ups and downs while using flying cars there is no such problem. Using flying cars we only move in displacement between two points between which we want to go. Further in the future, Google may develop google maps for air travel too. To show the available paths for traveling long distances based on the economy of fuel consumed in the path and wind speed which are major obstacles for air travel.


Coming to traffic it would be good to know that there would be no traffic while driving a flying car. Because traffic jams happen due to the less availability of space on road to move for vehicles between two points but this won’t be a problem in using a flying car. Aeromobil can move on any place because there is no road limit or buildings to obstruct the path to move. Hence making flying cars very effective modes of transport.


Ok! There is no traffic problem but what about accidents due to animals or other vehicles. Speaking of that on-road we face situations with animals like dogs, snakes and other animals which come suddenly onto highways causing accidents. You can think they cannot come in our path while we use flying car but we have birds they may come into our paths causing accidents. If the vehicle gets broke down due to some cause then we cannot stop the car aside of the road and get down like in road. Then gravity gains control on us and make us fall back to earth then we are dead.

Bird accidents

Also while using flying cars we won’t have speed limits for our vehicles, no speed breakers, no toll gates, no roads to restrict our path, especially we don’t need to pay hefty amounts for tollgates as we are not using their roads we can have smooth driving experience. There are many more advantages of using a flying car. So every new invention invented has its own pros and cons. let’s take the pros and develop the technology further to remove the cons of the new tech we invented and make it feasible for everyone to use.

This is how transportation and its experience would be if everyone had a flying car. But all these working models are too costly to buy. Hope in future some new models may be model allowing us to see the vast sky by traveling on it.

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