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Doraemon is the most-watched anime series depicting a futuristic robot that travels back in time to help a boy named nobita.

Along with him, he brings some futuristic gadgets in his 4D pocket. Those gadgets help nobita to face his problems in day-to-day life. 

Out of those gadgets, the most interesting futuristic gadget is Anywhere Door (Dokodemo door in Japanese) also called Doraemon door.

It is one of the most frequently used and popular gadgets by Doraemon.

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Who invented the Doraemon door?

Anywhere door is yet to be invented. Literally speaking, anywhere door is simply a concept depicted in the anime series Doraemon created by Japanese writers Fujiko Fujio.

What is the Dokodemo door?

Anywhere door is a futuristic gadget of Doraemon which takes the user to places of which he thinks either it is on Antarctica, moon, or sun it doesn’t matter.

Anywhere door gets the location coordinates from the mind directly and it takes us there if we open the door.

Scientifically speaking it opens a portal connecting two spaces i.e., the present place with the place of thought using the concept behind the wormhole.

Doraemon Door


Is anywhere door possible in real life?

Anywhere door, for now, is just a science fiction idea. But can be developed in the future using the concept of a wormhole that is interlinking of space-time to create a tunnel through space-time. 

For a long time, human civilization has thought that space is a solid stage. According to them, space has no effect on the planets and other celestial bodies.

This is true until the proposal of Einstein's theory says that space-time are interconnected and they form the stage for the celestial bodies.

According to him things on the stage i.e., celestial bodies, have an effect on space stretching and warping the space around them which is proportional to the mass of the celestial bodies.

Now that we came to a conclusion that space is curved based on Einstein’s theory. If we consider our universe is not in a plane shape. 

Then we can try to build a tunnel that tunnels through space-time connecting the parts of the universe light-years away into a simple walkable distance. 

Allowing us to travel faster than light. But it is still a concept as of now.

Worm hole

Can we make an anywhere door in real life?

The answer to this question would surely be NO because we have to build a wormhole to make an anywhere door based on the technology which we have. It is not possible. 

We need some properties to be possessed by the wormhole to allow the human to travel between two places.

  • Wormholes should not collapse informing black holes. 
  • It should have a sufficient size. 
  • Wormholes should be open until we reach the endpoint. 

These cannot be achieved as we have a great enemy which opposes the formation of wormholes that is gravity.

To oppose gravity in a natural wormhole, cosmic strings are present (based on theory). 

But in a man-made wormhole, to make the wormhole stay open we need exotic matter which is not present in real life having very abnormal properties. 

Exotic matter is different from matter and antimatter. It has a negative mass; it is the property we need to make the wormhole stable.

Because + matter is attractive - matter is repulsive. When we use exotic matter for a wormhole it acts like antigravity opposing gravity making the wormhole stable.

But as of the technology available now it is not possible to create exotic matter in an amount that is required to keep the wormhole open. Hope in the future we can use the wormhole to travel in space.

Space ship through wormhole


Doraemon door virtual reality experience.

As of the technology available now we can just experience the feel of using anywhere door using a virtual reality headset.

We can experience the same as the original one depicted in the series but in the virtual world.

Bandai Namco’s (Project I Can) a Japanese VR company has made a VR experience set so that its user can feel the experience of using an anywhere door.

It has its own limits of usage we cannot go to the places we think of. We can only go to the places that are programmed in the VR set.

But the good thing is that we can experience them very well because of the combined experience from both the VR world and the Real-world i.e. when we open the real door a virtual door opens in the virtual space.

Up to now, they had only two places programmed onto it. First, one being arctic and the other one being the train top which is entering into a tunnel.

They have programmed it so well that users experience them like they are present there in the real world.

As of now, we should be satisfied with this VR set. Let’s hope a real anywhere door would be possible in the future. Enough of this reality and virtual things let’s get into imagination.

Anywhere Door VR experience

What would I do if I had a Doraemon door?

If I had anywhere door first I would loot the biggest bank in the world.

I would travel the world boarding the richest hotels with the costliest features gaining cultural experience. I would try all the foods in the world.

Then I would hire an experienced mining team to mine the nearest asteroid containing precious materials. I would sell them on earth which makes me the wealthiest person in the world.

Then I would buy all the top brands and companies in the world, then I would give the door to my country's army to kill the intruders, then I would take it back from them and keep it in my safe.

Since if my government gets a hand on the door they would use it for their own use.

With all that wealth I have, I would start an organization like Sonu Sood helping the people in need who contact me.

Rich man

Then I will live happily ever after the end of the anywhere door story. Now let’s come back to reality for all this to happen we should have an anywhere door which is not possible as of now. let's hope that it comes into existence in the future.

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