Cloaking Devices | Top 4 Methods to be Invisible in Real Life

Real life invisibility cloak

How many of you have watched the movie Predator(1987)! in that movie we can see the predator using some advanced futuristic cloaking device to kill humans for sport by being invisible with its armor. Those days it was like any other science fiction story. Ok! Ok! Don't worry I understand that you don't remember that movie forget about it at least you would have watched the Wizardry movie Harry Potter in which he uses his father's Cloaking device to read a book in the forbidden section of the library. Yes! I am talking about that cloaking device in the Movie Scientists have invented that cloak it is available on Amazon you can buy it from there here's the link! Cloaking Device/link/button/#ff0000

Harry potter invisibility cloak

Sorry! Just kidding, But these days scientists and researchers took it really seriously to build that camouflage material that can make anything invisible behind it. Invisibility is a common term used in science fiction movies it is the term used to represent a thing that is not visible to the naked eye. Invisibility can be achieved in many ways, out of those many ways let us see some methods to be invisible.



Top 4 Methods of being invisible with cloaking devices.

Invisibility with mirrors (illusion optics).

There are many ways to make objects invisible--after all, magicians have been doing this for centuries! The magician can make an object invisible to an audience by cleverly positioning mirrors around the object to deflect the light away from the object. The mirrors trick our eyes, making us believe, when something causes light to bend or be rerouted, we can get confused and fooled by the light that finally reaches our eyes.

Invisibility with mirrors (magic)

Using Camera and Projector (optical camouflage)

In this modern world, everyone has a different viewpoint on a term. (We use the simple technique of camera + projector. We can use the camera to shoot the video behind us and make the projector to project the video in front of us. This can be achieved by wearing a reflection cloak which reflects the whole light projected by the projector towards our eye). Which is also considered invisible to some extent.

Invisibility using camera and projector

We can build a cloak that can shoot video behind us and displays it in front of us without using external devices. Eureka! we achieved invisibility lol. alert-info


Chroma key technique.

It is a visual effect or post-production technique. Simply, speaking we can say that it is a type of editing to produce an invisibility effect. It is achieved by shooting two different photos or videos one with a man and the other without using layers of transparency. The color range in the Top layer photo is made transparent, allowing separately filmed background footage or a static image to be inserted into the scene which produces the effect of invisibility.

Chroma key technique

Metamaterials (Transformation optics).

Here comes the Process of Cloaking(Man-Made) which comes close to the term of real invisibility by using Metamaterials. Metamaterials are man-made artificial materials that do not occur in nature, they have a negative refractive index. That means they can bend the light(or) electromagnetic spectrum around them. The idea is that light rays are bent smoothly around an object placed in the center of a metamaterial shell, and recombined on the other side like water flowing around a rock in a stream. To a viewer on the far side, it's as if nothing has happened to the light during its passage both shield and internal object are invisible. But production of metamaterial cloaks is still under research state.

Invisibility using meta materials

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  1. Very Fascinating and do keep posting about the inhumane abilities too

  2. Bro I am huge fan of Harry Potter. Your idea is fascinating, why can't you try a prototype model of this. That would be an breakthrough bro.
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  3. Topic sounds interesting sandya

  4. Topic sounds intresting jithu

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